MyAudio Tablet Series7 708AB

MyAudio Tablet Series7 708W

Using it is an experienceEasy to carry

With various services 


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7" display:
You will easily get used to the 7” capacitive multitouch display.  You don’t need to press the display, just touch the icon of the application and it starts. Browsing the net and playing games will also become much more enjoyable.
Low price:
708AB is another tablet that you can obtain at a low price during several Tesco discount offers. Apart from its very attractive appearance, it is also fast and effective and the price still remains affordable.
Slim and light:
You can take the 708AB anywhere with you. Due to the 7” display size, it’s not larger than a notebook. On the other hand, its metal grey plastic cover not only emphasises its appearance but also makes the device pleasantly lightweight.

Fast hardware:

Its performance is the result of an Allwinner A13 chipset with a maximum clockspeed of 1,000Mhz. Its system memory is 512MB, with which you can pleasantly surf the internet and you can also run the downloaded applications. 

8GB memory:
You can store the downloaded movies, music and documents on the 8GB internal storage space or on a portable memory card, which you can change as you like, depending on how much capacity you require.
Android 4.0:

Adapting to the well-tested operation system, this model is also powered by the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android 4.0. This software is easy to review and manage, while its usage ensures a perfect experience. 

MyAudio Tablet Series7 708W
30GB storage:

Yes, 30GB for free! This storage is located on a central server and only you or your friends can access it as it is protected with a password. You can also access this storage space from other devices, whether it is your phone, notebook or desktop PC.
Network TV:

You can find an application on your tablet, with which you can watch unlimited TV programs. It is suitable to receive a total of 2,000 TV channels, including Hungarian and foreign ones. So you don’t need to miss your favourite programmes even when you are away from your TV.

Game Center:

In addition to the previous MyAudio services, you can also find a brand new Game Center application. If you start it, you will have the choice of more than 300,000 free-to-download games, some of which would be pay applications at the Google Play store.

708AB is a tablet available at discounted price and you can buy it at Tesco stores. It is easy to carry and it will quickly find its way to your heart with its extremely elegant metal grey colour. You can use it to browse the internet at a pleasant speed and you can also run the applications you have downloaded from Google Play.