MyAudio Tablet Series 7 708R

MyAudio Tablet Series7 708R

Superb price
With FREE 30GB Cloud storage

Integrated TV application.

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Don’t wait any longer:
MyAudio Series 708R features the Rockchip Rk29 chipset and it is equipped with 512MB system memory. So the Android operational system and your own applications will also run at proper speed on it. 
Android 4.0:

You don’t have to wait for the latest update. After purchasing you can use your device with the latest operational system, Android 4.0.4 version. What is more, your system is even faster and more stable.
Storage opportunities:
8GB beépített memória áll rendelkezésedre melyen tárolhatod az adataidat. Ezen kívül bővítheted még MicroSD kártyával, amit bármikor cserélgethetsz. Ha ez sem lenne elég, hozzájutsz 30GB Cloud tárhelyhez is.

30GB free Cloud:
You are provided 8GB inbuilt memory to store your data. In addition, you can expand the device with an SD card that you can change at any time. If all this is not enough, you can obtain 30GB Cloud storage.
Network TV:
You can find an application on your tablet with which you can watch TV programs without limitation. It is capable of receiving a total of 2,000 domestic and foreign channels.  If you are far from your TV you still don’t have to live without the Olympics.
Superb price-value ratio:

This device offers the same speed, size and storage capacity as it is 7” counterpart. Still you can get it for less. This way more and more households can obtain this modern device at a lower cost.

MyAudio Tablet Series7 708R
Capacitive  multitouch:

The display detects the touch of your fingers so operating the device is comfortable, fast, effective and accurate. If an application so requires, you can control it with more than one finger at a time. Thus you can make even better use of your tablet.

Google Play:

The Google webstore has been renewed. You can obtain even more free and pay applications while you can browse them grouped according to various characteristics or you can simply search for the desired program.

Wifi data connection:

You can use the internet capabilities of your tablet through Wifi connection. You can surf on the net, answer your letters and you can browse in Facebook or YouTube faster thanks to the applications.

With MyAudio 708R, we have achieved the same speed and performance that its counterparts offer but you can find it at a lower price in webstores and on the shelves of shops. In addition, we offer such services for FREE as the 30GB Cloud storage or the TV application. You can store your data for free for 2 years in safety, thanks to one of the most modern IT solutions. You no longer need to carry your pendrive and you can still access your data files. You just need to share the desired file or folder with your friends and they can immediately access them. Using the TV application, you can easily choose from 2,000 domestic and foreign channels anywhere and anytime. This includes Hungarian 1, where you can soon enjoy the Olympic broadcasts!